Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is ideal for people who travel in order to participate in sports activities, actively or passively. In this case, traveling may be the main motivation, but it may also be a secondary activity to the traveler’s destination.

The on vacation adventure and sports activities are characterized as a complete tourist experience, in which sports are at the center of the process.

The need for close contact with nature tends more and more to become a way of escaping boredom and stress of everyday life. Outdoor recreational activities are a way of relieving stress and experiencing alternative activities. Besides all physical benefits that can be obtained through one of these programs, there are also numerous psychological and social benefits.

Sports tourism in Greece

Greece offers sports enthusiasts the chance to carry out activities in unique locations while they enjoy the spectacular mountain landscapes or magnificent beaches, the excellent climate and the Mediterranean diet. Medisland helps travelers realize which sports activity is suitable for them, depending on their needs as well as the place they want to visit or the time of the year they want to travel to Greece.

Some kinds of sports tourism activities that are very well organized throughout the country are:

  • cave exploration
  • mountain skiing
  • cycling
  • climbing
  • mountain climbing
  • marathon racing
  • paragliding
  • rafting
  • kayaking
  • hiking
  • yoga
  • golf