Medical Tourism

As far as Medical tourism is concerned, Greece is widely known for its highly qualified scientific personnel and especially for its excellent doctors. Most Greek doctors have studied and specialized in the best universities and research centers in the world and offer excellent medical services.

Greece provides modern facilities with integrated medical equipment in several cities such as in Athens, in Thessaloniki, in Crete as well as in less known areas such as in Kalamata, Amaliada and Rhodes.

Patients discover the benefits of medical care in clinics and medical practices, in combination with their recovery in an attractive environment, enjoying the Greek natural beauty and hospitality.

Along with the high level of quality in health services, in many cases patients’ medical expenses can be covered by the public insurance body depending on their country of residence.

Medical tourism in Greece

Medical Services

• Fertility Clinics
• Cardiac surgery
• Dialysis Services
• Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery
• Orthopedic Surgeries
• Physical rehabilitation centers
• Stop Smoking Treatments
• Detox & Wellness Centers
• Spa tourism
• Diagnostics
• Hair transplant
• Weight management
• Dental Care & Surgery
• Eye Surgery and Laser

We consistently offer our services at the highest possible level of quality and we are always close to the traveler by direct personal contact. We make sure that all issues are taken care of while we provide additional information on all options and possibilities of each traveler.

International patients can combine their treatment with a vacation in Greece and Medisland can enrich the trip without having to worry about issues such as:

• Hospitals & Clinics
• Visits to doctors
• Insurance companies
• Legal services
• Issue of visas
• Public entities
• Interpreters

Traveling with Medisland, the traveler feels safe and knows he has the support when something is probably out of schedule! Communication with the company is possible 24 hours a day, with an emergency telephone line.